Review: Most Expensive & Luxury Hotels Around the World

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Here are the world’s most expensive Hotels in the world, where a simple one-night stay can cost you a fortune. But if you have a lot to spend and show, then don’t hesitate to make one of these dreamy hotels your travel destination.

RankHotelPrice per night (USD)
1Lover’s Deep150,000
2Empathy Suite100,000
3The Royal Penthouse80,000
4The Mark Penthouse75,000
5Ty Warner Penthouse60,000
6The Penthouse Suite53,000
7The Muraka Suite50,000
8The Hilltop Villa45,000
9The Royal Suite (The Plaza)40,000
10The Royal Suite (Burj Al-Arab)28,000

Lover’s Deep – Luxury Submarine Hotel – $150,000

Lover’s Deep – Luxury Submarine Hotel

The Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel is the most expensive hotel in the world, costing $150,000 per night. It’s not the same sort of experience as some of the other hotels on the list, as it requires you to go underwater in a submarine. If you want to combine a night away with an adventure, this may be the hotel for you. The submarine/hotel is based in St Lucia and may travel around the Caribbean to meet the needs of its customers. You’ll stay in 5-star accommodations under the seas, complete with your captain, private chef, and butler, speed boat transports to and from the submarine, and some optional extras like helicopter transfers, beach landings, and champagne-soaked breakfasts. 

Also, you have the opportunity to tailor the voyage to fit your tastes, so if you prefer one site over another, the captain will obey. 

NamePrice per NightLocationAmenitiesOwner
Lover’s Deep$150,000St. Lucia, Caribbean (Underwater)5-star accommodations, private chef, butler, speed boat transfers, optional helicopter transfers, beach landings, personalized experiences.Private

Empathy Suite – The Palms – $100,000

 Empathy Suite – The Palms

The Empathy Suite at The Palms in Las Vegas is the world’s second most expensive hotel, with a nightly rate of $100,000. Damian Hurst has redesigned and restored the former Sky Villa suite to create the Empathy Suite. For $100,000, you’ll get two master suites, massage tables, a panoramic jacuzzi overlooking the Las Vegas strip, a salt relaxation room, and a personalized tour of the property’s art collection and facilities. This hotel room is ideal for art lovers since it features six Damien Hirst originals and handmade furnishings with his themes. So, if you’re a Damian Hurst fan with some spare cash, go ahead and reward yourself!

NamePrice per NightLocationAmenities
Empathy Suite- The Plams$100,000Las VegasTwo master suites, massage tables, panoramic jacuzzi, salt relaxation room, Damian Hurst art, personalized art tour.

The Royal Penthouse – Hotel President Wilson – $80,000

The Royal Penthouse – Hotel President Wilson

If you’re in Geneva, Switzerland, and have $80,000 to spend on a hotel room, this is the place to stay. The Royal Penthouse of Hotel President Wilson takes up the full 8th story. It has a panoramic view of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and a jacuzzi bath with a view of the lake.

Aside from the lavish furnishings and vistas, you’ll have access to a personal assistant, private chef, and butler 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If safety is a major issue for you when staying in a luxury hotel, the Royal Penthouse is one of the safest locations to be. It contains bulletproof glass, 24-hour security, a security camera system throughout the suite, and a fortified safe to keep your belongings secure. A 1930 Brunswick billiard table, a Steinway grand piano, and a Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4-103 home theater system are also on display. All of this is accessible with your own private elevator! 

NamePrice per NightLocationAmenities
Hotel President WilsonRoyal Penthouse$80,000Geneva, Switzerland12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, jacuzzi bath with a view, personal assistant, private chef, 24/7 butler, security features, billiard table, piano, home theater system.

The Mark Penthouse – The Mark Hotel – $75,000

The Mark Penthouse – The Mark Hotel

The Grand Penthouse of the Mark Hotel is the biggest hotel suite penthouse in the United States, at 10,000 square feet. A huge penthouse extending over the top two levels of the hotel is available for $75,000 per night. There are five bedrooms, six bathrooms, four fireplaces, two wet bars, two powder rooms, and a vast open-plan living area. The living area can also be turned into a full-size ballroom with 26-foot ceilings, which is a unique party feature. One of the penthouse suite’s most appealing features is its 250-square-metre terrace with magnificent views of Central Park. So, if you want to play the King/Queen of New York for a bit, make a few reservations in this exquisite suite.

NamePrice per NightLocationAmenities
The Mark Penthouse$75,000New York City10,000 sq. ft. penthouse, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, panoramic views of Central Park, convertible ballroom, 250 sq. m terrace.

Ty Warner Penthouse – Four Seasons – $60,000

Ty Warner Penthouse – Four Seasons

The Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York begins the top five rankings. This lavish hotel suite is named after the building’s owner, Ty Warner, and costs roughly $60,000 per night. The $400 square-meter apartment, located on the 52nd story of the structure, cost around $50 million to complete. The suite has a 360-degree panoramic view of the city and four glass balconies with views of uptown, midtown, and downtown New York. 

This suite just has one bedroom, but it comes with a spa, a rock crystal master bathroom, a panoramic infinity tub, a private elevator, a dedicated guest relations manager, and an escorted Rolls Royce. If that isn’t enough, you may also take advantage of the limitless massages that are included for good measure.

NamePrice per NightLocationAmenities
Ty Warner Penthouse$60,000New York City360-degree city views, glass balconies, spa, rock crystal master bathroom, infinity tub, private elevator, Rolls Royce, unlimited massages.

The Penthouse Suite – Hôtel Martinez – $53,000

The Penthouse Suite – Hôtel Martinez

The Penthouse Suite of the Hôtel Martinez costs $53,000 per night. The Hôtel Martinez is located in Cannes, France, one of the most well-known resorts on the Côte d’Azur. For $53,000, you can expect a 1000 square-foot suite on the hotel’s top level, with amazing panoramic views of the ocean from your own private wood-paneled panorama terrace. There are also king-sized mattresses in each of the four bedrooms, a separate living and dining area, marble baths, a Turkish bath, and a rooftop bathtub. If you enjoy art, you’ll be glad to discover that the suite’s walls are adorned with multiple pieces by Picasso and Matisse. 

NamePrice per NightLocationAmenities
The Penthouse Suite$53,000Cannes, France1,000 sq. ft. suite, private wood-paneled terrace, four bedrooms, living and dining areas, marble baths, Turkish bath, rooftop bathtub, artwork by Picasso and Matisse.

The Muraka Suite – The Conrad – $50,000

The Muraka Suite – The Conrad

The Muraka is ranked seventh on our list of the most expensive hotels in the world. The room is located in The Conrad in the Maldives and is billed as the world’s first underwater hotel suite. The Muraka is two floors tall, with the lowest story around 16 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean. For $50,000 per night, expect to be promoted to Hilton Diamond Status upon arrival, as well as a private chef, bar, gym, butler, and infinity pool. However, don’t get too far ahead of yourself because a four-night minimum stay is required. So, if you truly want to remain there, you’ll have to spend more than $200,000!  

NamePrice per NightLocationAmenities
The Muraka Suite$50,000The Maldives (Underwater)Underwater suite, Hilton Diamond Status, private chef, bar, gym, butler, infinity pool, four-night minimum stay.

The Hilltop Villa – $45,000

The Hilltop Villa

The Hilltop Villa is nestled away in paradise, only accessible to the super-rich. The hotel is located on Fiji’s Laucala Island and costs an astonishing $45,000 per night. However, in exchange, you will receive a four-acre home divided into three different villas, each with the most stunning views on the island. The first villa, “The Delana,” has a master bedroom with a walk-in closet, a library, a living room, your own enormous private pool with a waterfall and hot tub, and a solid wood soaking tub. The second villa, “The Dua,” has comparable specs but sleeps two comfortably, with sliding doors dividing all of the rooms. Finally, “The Rua” is the second largest villa out of the three, with a separate living room and a large private pool.

NamePrice per NightLocationAmenities
The Hilltop Villa$45,000Laucala Island, FijiThree villas, private pool, waterfall, hot tub, wood soaking tub, stunning views, art-filled walls.

The Royal Suite – The Plaza – $40,000

The Royal Suite – The Plaza

The next “Royal Suite” is at The Plaza, New York, and will set you back $40,000 per night! So, what do you receive in return? To begin, you enter the suite via the building’s private elevator, which only you have access to. Following that, you enter the 400-square-foot suite and are met with a beautifully constructed living area furnished with the most up-to-date top-of-the-line comforts and pleasures.  The suite contains three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a parlor, a separate dining area for up to twelve guests, and a fitness facility. 

The view of Fifth Avenue from the bedroom is magnificent. If you don’t feel like lying in bed all day, you may take advantage of the suite’s 24-hour butler service. 

NamePrice per NightLocationAmenities
The Plaza The Royal Suite$40,000New York CityPrivate elevator, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, parlor, dining area for up to twelve guests, fitness facility, 24-hour butler service.

The Royal Suite – Burj Al-Arab – $28,000

The Royal Suite – Burj Al-Arab

The Burj-Al-Arab, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was billed as the world’s first seven-star hotel, and it goes without saying that it exceeds expectations. It is the world’s seventh-tallest hotel, built by architect Tom Wright to resemble a ship’s sail. The Burj Al-Arab boasts its own private helipad near the roof, roughly 210 meters above sea level, in addition to all the luxury bells and whistles you’d expect to see inside a seven-star hotel, such as an underwater restaurant accessible via submarine. A night in the royal suite will set you back at least $28,000 USD.

The 780-square-metre suite, spread across two floors, is decked in 22-karat gold and has a private dining room with a butler, spa, private lounge, and many personnel to attend to your every need. 

NamePrice per NightLocationAmenitiesOwner
Burj Al-Arab  The Royal Suite$28,000Dubai, UAE22-karat gold decor, private dining room, butler, spa, private lounge, stunning views, luxury service.Jumeirah Group

Final Notice

So here are the most pricey hotels in the world ranging from classic brick-and-mortar structures in some of the world’s most famous cities to underwater havens that sail about the Caribbean at your beck and call. Access to these elite resorts comes at a cost, which differs based on the season. Whether you’re planning a splurge-worthy trip for the future or are ready to book a stay right now, here’s a look at some of the world’s costliest hotel rooms. Spend some time at the world’s most costly hotels and let loose with the world’s most odd but magnificent developments. Money comes and goes, but who can take away your joy?

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